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Greetings, Medicago Friends and Colleagues

We will hold our second informatics and annotation workshop for the Medicago community at the J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, MD from October 26-28, 2011. It is expected that participants will arrive on Tuesday October 25 and leave in the afternoon or early evening of Friday October 28 (a Saturday departure is also possible). The workshop will cover all aspects of the bioinformatics processes and analyses used to assemble and annotate the Medicago truncatula genome, with hands-on experience wherever possible. A draft schedule is attached; a good number of talks will be presented by domain experts via the WebEx facility. One goal of the workshop is to provide momentum for our community annotation effort and applicants interested in curating their own gene families, especially large ones, are encouraged to apply. The workshop is supported by our NSF Plant Genome grant and all expenses of US participants will be covered. Applications should be sent to mtruncatula from jcvi.org  with the applicant's family name and the word WORKSHOP in the subject line and include a c.v., a statement of research interests and, in the case of graduate students and post-docs, a letter of support from their mentor that can be sent separately. Attendance will be limited to 20 people and it is unlikely that we will accept two individuals from the same institution. Screening of applicants will begin on September 15  and should be complete by September 30. I know that some of you who have teaching commitments find these in-term workshops difficult to manage. I PROMISE that next year we will hold the workshop during everybody's schools' vacations!
Last year we made the presentations available in real time to an off-site participant whose travel plans were disrupted by weather. We plan to do this again this year so as to allow participation by a large group of individuals who are unable to attend in person. Details will be available later.

Chris Town
The J. Craig Venter Institute
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