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Dear All=2C =


many of you contributed to the Medicago handbook (http=3A//www=2Enoble=2E=
org/MedicagoHandbook/)  a few years ago=2E It would be great if we could=
 keep updating the handbook and also add new content as new methods and =
knowledge becomes available=2E =

If you would like to update your chapter=2C contribute new material or h=
ave other suggestions for improvement please let me know=2E

A recent new addition to the handbook that many of you might find helpfu=
l are a series of videos contributed by Dr Mark Taylor and his colleague=
s depicting methods for cross-hybridisation of Medicago=2E They can be f=
ound in the chapter on Medicago truncatula hybridization =96 supplementa=
l videos=2E

Please keep your contribution coming!

Thanks=2C =

Uli =


Dr Ulrike Mathesius
ARC Future Fellow
Plant Science Division
Research School of Biology
College of Medicine=2C Biology and Environment
Building 134=2C Linnaeus Way
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200

T=3A +61 2 6125 2840
F=3A +61 2 6125 0313
E=3A ulrike=2Emathesius=40anu=2Eedu=2Eau
W=3A http=3A//biology=2Eanu=2Eedu=2Eau/

CRICOS Provider =2300120C

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