Computer program for choosing oligonucleotides (question)

Kay Hofmann AKC01 at dk0rrzk1.bitnet
Thu Apr 19 16:47:36 EST 1990

Hello everybody!
We are doing a lot of PCR here and wonder if there are any programs available
which help us choosing optimal oligonucleotides for that purpose.
I recently came across a paper in NAR 17:8543-8551 (1989) where W.Rychlik
and R.E.Rhoads describe such a program .
Does anybody know if this or a similar program is available on a server
somewhere or how it can be obtained?
Does anybody have the bitnet address of the authors, or perhaps, are they
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
                                        Kay Hofmann

 Kay Hofmann                                  BITNET: AKC01 at DK0RRZK1
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