net-etiquette, bandwidth, and posting to this newsgroup

Joe Smith jes at
Sat Aug 4 17:14:42 EST 1990

> 1) Do you think that there is too much noise on the bionet bulletin
> boards, or too little content?

At the risk of contradicting myself - no, I don't think noise, or the
cost of a few extra lines in a message are really that important.  I
do think that careful quoting (as you did in your response!) is 1)
polite: it saves the reader's time in (re-)reading some excess
verbiage and instead gets right to the point; and 2) it forces the
poster to consider carefully what the other person really said.

[ I said readers could retrieve the quoted article and you quoted DK
who said it might not be easy for those getting the groups by e-mail ]

If some other reader really needs the whole article and can't retrieve
it, s*he can always ask the group or the poster to send it.

I really appreciate the considered, intelligent discussion that
occurrs.  I'm really annoyed when people fire off questions/
responses/flames that waste my time (and possibly hundreds...
dozens... several - DK? - other's as well).

I was real hesitant to post a followup because I've been guilty as
well, but I want to see the *quality* of the bionet groups go up as
well as the quantity.  That seemed like a goal worth persuing in

> 2) Do you consider this discussion of value?  Why or why not?

Probably not.  I've said my piece (or maybe shot just my mouth off!).
You hit the nail on the head: scientists will use the groups when they
percieve a concrete benefit.  I've asked for and recieved information
and advice enough times to know that it's worth it as long as I don't
spend too much time just BS'ing.  The more we who like, as well as
benefit from, the groups just USE them INTELLIGENTLY, the more useful
and attractive they will be.


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