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Subject: Re: Direct Mail Responses
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Date: 29 May 90 16:57:51 GMT
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> Messages are occasionally posted on this board requesting a direct replay.
> While this may serve a purpose by reducing the volume of board messages, it
> negates an important board function of informing us of answers to various
> questions that may not be of immediate interest but are useful things to know.

The default for all of the BIOSCI nodes except IRLEARN is for replies
to go only to the poster of the message being replied to.  This not
only reduces the number of copies of similar answers to a query, but
also prevents people from embarassing themselves in public (e.g.,
whoops, you mean what I said was braodcast to everyone?!?).  

However this does give a false impression of inactivity on the groups.
If you think that your response is of general interest, all one need
do to copy a reply to the newsgroup is to include the newsgroup
address in your response.  This is usually done by "cc"ing the
newsgroup address.  If you don't know how to do this with your mail
program, ask your local systems administrator.  Most mail programs
should have a means of adding (or subtracting) addresses to a message
after it is composed but before it is sent.  

For example, in UNIX mail one could enter the line

to cc the newsgroup METHODS-AND-REAGENTS.  This can be entered at any
time while composing one's message.  

In the "mm" mail program the cc command can be used at the S> prompt
before sending, e.g.,

S> cc methods at genbank.bio.net
S> send

In the vnews UNIX USENET newsreading software one can use the "f"
(followup) command to reply to the newsgroup or the "r" (reply)
command to reply just to the poster of the first message.

Perhaps others familiar with other mail programs could post some
similar examples.

				Dave Kristofferson
				GenBank On-line Service Manager

				kristoff at genbank.bio.net

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