PHILLIPSA at lars.afrc.ac.uk PHILLIPSA at lars.afrc.ac.uk
Fri Aug 10 04:14:55 EST 1990

Does anyone out there have experience with lambda ZapII? I'm
having great trouble getting the in vivo excision protocol to
work. I am following the method described by Stratagene exactly,
and I've titred my lambda and helper 'phage stocks to check that
they are within the required range. I've tried a 100,000 fold
range in the ratio of helper to lambda, and I've tried incubating
the Amp selection plates at 42degC to prevent co-infection with
helper. Still no colonies (well perhaps one or two occasionally).
It's nothing to do with the inserts, I get the same result with
straight lambda Zap2.
Any suggestions?

Andy Phillips
AFRC-IACR Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol BS18 9AF, U.K.
TEL: (+272) 392181 ext 254
FAX: (+272) 394007

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