PCR Cloning - TA Cloning system

Launce Gouw launce at apollo.med.utah.edu
Wed Dec 12 15:54:09 EST 1990

A little while ago discussion came up regarding Invitrogen's new TA
cloning system which claims to be able to copy unmodified (i.e., no
special primers needed) PCR products into their pCR2000 vector by
utilizing the ragged ends generated by the terminal transferase
activity of thermophilic polymerases.  (How's that for a run-on
sentence :-) Anyway, has anybody tried it yet?  What d'ya think?
After calling them, they said they don't give out trial samples.
We're not quite ready to shell out the ~ $240/20 reactions they're
charging, especially since we don't have enough information (anecdotal
or otherwise) on the product, other than their advert blurbs and brief
info flier.

If anybody who's used the product or knows somebody who's used the
product could reply to me (by email or by posting) I'll summarize for
others who might be interested about results + feedback regarding this
new tool.

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