visualizing small pcr fragments

Keith Elliston elliston at msdrl.UUCP
Mon Feb 12 13:14:38 EST 1990

In article <136 at>, danielg at writes:
> When I electrophorese my pcr products, I am looking for a band around 
> 200 bases long (pretty small).  The problem is that the band usually comes
> out right at the dye front, which makes UV visualization a slight problem.
> Is there another dye I can use that will run a bit faster or slower than
> bromphenol blue?  I could try just using glycerol and edta in my loading
> buffer, leaving out the dye.

I usually use both BPB and xylene cyanol (XC) in my loading mix.  You could
easily use just XC, as it tends to run much higher in the gel.



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