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Stergios Alexiou alexiou at csi.forth.GR
Thu Feb 22 18:15:04 EST 1990

Dear net people,

A doctor in Greece is looking for information in Vascular subjects.
He does not have access to the network yet, by he has requested me to
post a query on his behalf.
He is looking for books,reports, research papers, references on Vascular
subjects, specially on Venus discus and Venus reflex. I will appreciate if
any one knows any thing on the matter.
He is also looking for the address of Medlars data base in Europe.
Please respond via E-mail because I do not see these medical groups.

Nicolas Chrissakis
Nicolas Chrissakis				AGENCY TRUST Ltd.
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	trust!nicolas at csi.forth.GR		Athens 106 79
	nicolas%trust at ariadne.BITNET		Greece
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