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>Dear Fellow netters,
>This has probably been asked time and time again, but could someone (anyone)
>please suggest a reference management program for the IBM. It should
>allow downloading of references from medline etc, allow the user to do
>searches by title, authors, keywords, able to sort and output citations
>in various journal formats and hopefully be compatible with WordPerfect.
>I would be very grateful too if users of Bookshelf, Procite and Reference
>Manager could comment about their experience with these programs, and could
>supply me with the address of the publishers of these programs.
>						Thanks Clement
>P.S. are there any programs that work as a TSR  and keeps tracks of references
>while a paper is being written.

We use Reference Manager and find it very good.  It is user friendly, searches
quickly, and will put references into 100 preset journal formats or
customised ones.  It takes WordPerfect 5.0 (I'm not sure about 5.1), and will
accept medline downloads, as well as downloads from the CD-medline we use.
There is a module which I've not got which allows you to "splice" references
in from the database as you write, rather than batch-processing the document.
We've also found the suppliers receptive to comments and criticisms, and
updates occur once or twice a year.

It is supplied by

     Research Information Systems, Inc
     Camino Corporate Center
     2355 Camino Vida Roble
     CA 92009

     Main office      (619) 438 5526
     Customer support (619) 438 5547
     Fax              (619) 438 5573

Good luck

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