Atomic Absorption Spectrometry for Lead

MYRNA E. WATANABE SCF7 at manvax.bitnet
Wed Jul 11 20:07:00 EST 1990

Is there anybody out there who does or has done AA for lead in tissue
samples who can send us a tried and true recipe for digestion of small
quantities of samples -- 10-200 mg -- for AA using the graphite furnace
method?  We have been using a standard matrix of 70% perchloric acid,
both concentrated and cut 1:10, but we are still too concentrated and
are burning up the graphite tubes.  We tried neutralizing with NaOH, but
the sodium ions create interference.

Any assistance would be appreciated.  Please reply to:

Myrna E. Watanabe
Biology Dept.
Manhattan College
Bronx, NY 10471
Tel.: 212-920-0266
FAX: 914-376-7487
bitnet: scf7 at manvax

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