alls not well that ends in wells

Thu Jul 19 10:43:17 EST 1990


we have been doing a lot of quantitative southern blotting recently and
decided to buy one of the commercially available vacuum blotters, in fact
the LKB/Pharmacia "Vacugene". Since we pressed this beast into use however
the quality of our blots has plummeted!! In particular we seem to get a very
high hybridisation signal appearing in the wells, this is dependent on the
presence of a DNA sample and proportional to the quantity of DNA loaded. We
have checked for the usual crud and muck which might cause this but we beleive
our DNA to be as clean and pure as is reasonable to expect. We are worried that
this signal represents REAL material and hence negates the quantitation that
we have done when using good-old capillary methods. Does anyone have an
explanation for this phenomenon?? A remedy???

Thanks in advance.........Mike Dalrymple MBMAD at

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