Ely Rabani/D Smith rabani at
Mon Jul 2 06:02:08 EST 1990

In article <9006261058.AA25702 at> FRED at blekul13.bitnet (fred) writes:
>The fun thing is that she has managed to clone a 9 kB SacI fragment
>into the 2.7 kB pUC vector and that the thing is behaving completely
>normal in our E.Coli as if it was not 11.7 kB big. Our question now:
>is this the world record or are we too optimistic? Unless someone
>says that these vectors can do more than expected we want to believe
>that this is an exceptionally big insert for pUC. Is this

Don't really know about pUC, but supposedly inserts >40kb (!!!!!) have
been successfully cloned into M13...saw this cited someplace in Methods
in Enzymology, think the reference was Michael Bevan.  


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