Mycobacteria/heat shock seqs

F.G.Wright at F.G.Wright at
Sat Mar 24 09:12:04 EST 1990

A Molecular Biology colleague has been searching EMBL/GenBank
databases for:

    Mycobacterial sequences (protein and/or DNA)
    that are homologous to the conserved 70 kd heat
    shock protein.

She has had limited success.  In particular, she is seeking the:

    DNA sequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    71kd heat shock antigen

Any other Mycobacterial 70kd heat shock sequences would be of

(e.g. M.tuberculosis 71kd, M.bovis BCG 71kd, M.africanum 71kd - all
restriction mapped & M.leprae 70kd - published but not in database)


Frank Wright
DAFS Molecular Biology Support
Scottish Agricultural Statistics Service
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

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