Homebrew electrophoresis equipment

Robert J. Lebowitz LEBOWITZ at msus1.bitnet
Fri Mar 23 07:25:00 EST 1990

I am in the process of preparing a lab manual for a course on biotechniques.
As part of two of the planned exercises, I will have the students use paper and
disc gel electrophoresis to isolate specific biochemical compounds.  I would
like to expand the nature of the lab exercise by having the students con-
struct simple electrophoresis apparatuses as groups.

A few years back, I came across a reference which outlined plans for a simple
disc gel apparatus built around empty Cool Whip containers and glass tubing.
I've been unable to relocate the original reference.  I'd also be interested in
a similar "homebrew" paper electrophoresis device.  Does anyone out there
have any simple plans, or published references on the construction of such

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