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David Steffen steffen at
Wed Oct 10 16:48:11 EST 1990

  A few weeks ago, I posted to these groups a request for any lists of 
oncogenes that any of you might be keeping on your computers.  (I am 
writing a review on oncogenes and am trying to assemble an exhaustive 
list.)  I received four replies; two requests for my final, collated list, 
and two results of searches of computer databases.

  I very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort which went into the 
latter, but this is not really what I needed.  As part of this review we 
are doing some rather exhaustive searches of electronic databases of our 
own.  Unfortunately, such searches usually come up short.  To help fill in 
gaps I was looking for liveware-produced lists.  It is well that these 
searches were not what I was looking for because I promptly lost them 
(blush).  One was provided by Rob Harper, whose name I see often and thus 
remembered.  For the other, I have not even the name of the provider.  I 
will not bore you with how my stupidity coupled with the ruthless and 
merciless efficiency of unix to produce this failure, but merely to 
apologize to Rob and my un-named benefactor for my lapse.

  My final database will be made available in some electronic form, 
probably ftp-able from willing server(s) "to be named" in addition to 
appearing in print.  In addition, I will mail my final list to those who 
requested it.

  I have decided to limit further discussions of this topic to as the most appropriate group; interested folks 
who are reading this on bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts should be so advised.

  Any of you with your personal oncogene lists, I would still be tickled 
pink to receive them!

-David Steffen-

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