Digitizer for RFLP data?

Mary Lamb marylamb at milton.u.washington.edu
Fri Oct 19 18:07:02 EST 1990

[I had had a request from a colleague in the Philippines for
recommendations about digitizing systems for RFLP analysis.  I
posted this request on the net and received information that I
have forwarded to her.  I don't have need for such a system at
the present time, so I haven't pursued these leads any further. 
Here is a summary, and thanks to all of those who sent
information.  I have no connection with any of the products or
companies mentioned.  Mary Lamb, Dept. of Zoology NJ-15,
University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195.]


IntelliGenetics markets a video image acquisition system that is
dedicated to acquiring, enhancing, reading and analyzing DNA
sequencing film images to produce ASCII sequence files.  They are
now extending this system to allow it to function with
restriction fragments and RFLP applications, and they expect that
this new application will be available by the first quarter of
1991.  Such a system would cost ~$28,000 including the cost of
the computing hardware required (286 based MS-DOS system).   
(I have no connection with IntelliGenetics.)

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