Digitizer for RFLP data?

Mary Lamb marylamb at milton.u.washington.edu
Thu Oct 11 13:01:20 EST 1990

A colleague in the Philippines (a former graduate student 
in our lab) sent us the following question:
   Can you recommend a digitizing setup for analyzing RFLP data, 
something like the sequencing gel reader? (We have a gel reader 
and associated software from IBI.  We have no connection with IBI, 
other than owning this equipment.)
Does anybody know of such a setup for analyzing RFLP data?  
You can reply by posting to the net or to me by e-mail 
and I'll summarize if I get replies.

Mary Lamb
Department of Zoology NJ-15
University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195
E-mail marylamb at u.washington.edu

(I'm sorry about the previous message; I was in a hurry and forgot 
to remove the formatting from the word processor.  
Haste makes waste, my grandmother always said. :-)

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