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>My adviser recently questioned the value of my being invoved in such things as
>the BIONET.  Somewhat stunned I stammered something about the value ....
stuff deleted.

You're probably right in assuming that some of us hav had similar problems
with our advisers. My adviser certainly doesn't approve of the time I spend
at the terminal but part of the agreement we made when I joined the lab was
that I had a certain amount of freedom and fortunately for both of us this
agreement is working pretty much to our mutual satisfaction. From time to time
I do point out the utility of the net as when I had a problem with getting
my Tn5 mutagenesis to work and I received a large number of very helpful
messages. I've also downloaded most of the free Mac software from EMBl on the
lab Mac and pointedly remind people where it came from. On the other hand 
there are only two netters in the lab and that's rather useful as there isn't
ever a run on the modem equipped terminals.

Sounds like you have a pretty aggressive adviser there and that's a problem
that not everyone is faced with. Sometimes a confrontation does result in
meaningful dialog, other times.....:-( :-( :-(

Best of luck!


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