Proper Posting of Queries and Messages

Rob Harper Supercomputer Centre Finland harper at
Tue Oct 2 06:33:13 EST 1990

In article <9009301834.AA16639 at>, MELAN at wfeb2.bitnet writes:
>I have been trying to respond to a posting on this bulletin board (rec.
 28-SEP-1990 Id# 9009280657.AA04948 at but to no avail.  

Dear Melissa,

   If I look at your address as it comes to me in Europe it looks like
   this MELAN%wfeb2.bitnet at  When you compare it with  
        KBIO11%DKLUNI01 at you can see that the "structure"
   is roughly the same. Both have used the "% hack"  to deliver the

   The way it works is that  the mailer sends your messages to the
   address behind the "@" sign and if it makes it to there it then
   changes the "%" sign to a "@" and sends it to a new address in this
   case KBIO11 at DKLUNI01 who is a user in Germany. The EARN  node is.

   DKLUNI01  (  )  DE , RHRK Kaiserslautern, Germany 

   (See BIONAUT or bionet.users.addresses on how to interperate  EARN
   nodes) So if you still want to reply personlly to M.N then  send
   your E-Mail to KBIO11 at DKLUNI01.BITNET. It should work.

   By the way I do not blame you if you had troubles with that 
   address. It is a monster... since from the USERID IO11 could be 
   interperated as 10II or 101I and from the NODE I01 could be 1OI
   (Capital I's an 1's are often mixed as are 0's and capital O's).

   Rob "a 0 is a 0 is a O " Harper

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