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Thu Oct 25 22:42:52 EST 1990


Our lab is interested in purchasing an electroporator for
transforming Bacillus subtilis. We have a limited budget and
would like to get the best machine at the least price. There are
no labs on campus who are presently using electroporators for
transforming bacterial cells so we would like the net's advice.

I've gotten catalogues and literature from:
1. Bio-Rad
2. BTX
3. IBI
4. BRL

It is my understanding that for our system we would need:
1. Transformer
2. Pulse controller
3. Capacitance extender

While Bio-Rad, BRL and IBI sell the three units separately, BTX sell it
all in one machine. In terms of general convience, the BTX device seems
the best bet (eg no excess cords, boxes, won't get lost), however,
I don't have any experience with this company. The BRL system appears
to be cheapest. Bio-Rad devices are most often cited in the literature,
but they are the most expensive. 

If you have had experience with any of these devices, especially in
transforming gram-positive bacterial cells, I would be grateful for
any advice, comments, recommendations.  This includes the continuing
costs of cells (these really cost $3 a piece?) and perhaps warranty
and repair services and other support.

Thanks. I'll summarize the comments I receive.

Don Chen

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