Request for globomycin

mic207r at mic207r at
Sun Sep 30 19:32:06 EST 1990

     I am about to begin some work on what we believe to be
a bacterial lipoprotein.  Does anyone out there know where
I can obtain the antibiotic globomycin?  Papers I have read
which make use of this antibiotic always acknowledge it as
a gift, usually from someone at the Sankyo Corp. in Tokyo.
I have also read that globomycin is not commercially
available.  Unfortunately I do not have a proper address
for Sankyo.  I would be very grateful if someone could let
me have some globomycin or supply me with an address where
I could obtain some.  Also, any tips or advice on the
analysis of lipoproteins would be appreciated.


Neville Firth
Dept. of Microbiology
Monash Uni.
Clayton, Vic.
Australia 3168

E-mail: mic207r at

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