Proper Posting of Queries and Messages

MELAN at wfeb2.bitnet MELAN at wfeb2.bitnet
Sun Sep 30 14:38:00 EST 1990

        I have been trying to respond to a posting on this bulletin board (rec.
28-SEP-1990 Id# 9009280657.AA04948 at but to no avail.  It seems
as though the sender's address is not accessable from BITNET or that there is an
error somewhere either in my sending or in their receiving.  In any case the
message was posted without a signature.  The sender gave only their initials!
Therefore, even though I would like to respond to their question and may even
have some very useful information for them I cannot.
        The subject of Net-etiquette was a recent topic of discussion on Bionet.
Perhaps it should be re-emphasized that persons posting messages should include
a *proper* signature. Therefore if someone is unable to respond via the network
or E-mail they can then resort (God, forbid) to the U.S. Postal Service or to th

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