Biotinylated nucleotides - sources

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Mon Apr 29 00:52:30 EST 1991

I have a question regarding the different sources of Biotin derivatized 

I'm intending to set up a Biotin/Alk-Phos/Dioxetane non-isotopic detection
system and I'm quite staggered at the range of prices from different suppliers
of Biotinylated nucleotide bases.  For eg. Beohringer-Mannheim quotes Au$156 for
50 nmoles of Biotin-16-dUTP and Sigma quote US$104 (~ Au$130) for 0.5 mg of 
Biotin-11-dUTP !!!  Both are supplied at 85% purity.  Has anybody out there
tried different suppliers?  With what success?  Any lessons learnt which 
you could pass on?  If you reply back to me I'll summarize to the net.

Thanking you all in advance,


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