Are you decontaminating your ethidium bromide solutions?

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>This one surprised us. We've been decontaminating our waste ethidium
>bromide stocks with hypochlorite, and now discover that it's *not*
>recommended. The Sambrook et al Molecular Cloning Lab Manual (2nd Edn)
>says on pages 6.16 - 6.17 that you shouldn't use bleach, but rather should
>go through a choice of filtration methods, including the use of Amberlite
>XAD-16 or powdered activated charcoal (for >0.5 ug/ml eth br)!!!!!!!!
>Does anyone have any better suggestions??
>Tony Weiss
>weiss at
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There is a paper [Ethidium Bromide: Destruction and Decontamination of
Solutions.  Lunn, G. and Sansone. E.B. Analytical Biocehmistry
162:453-458, 1987] which describes various ways to destroy ethidium
bromide and looks at the mutagenicity of the various products of the
different destruction methods.  It's probably worth a bit of a look. 
Unfortunately, all of the methods which "work" are tedious.

Hope this helps.

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