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Valvano     "About secretion vectors"
    We have used the Pharmacia pRit5vectors which produce a fusionprotein
    of protein A and your favorite protein. The product ends up in the
    periplasmic space and can be isolated by affinity chromato on immobilized
    IgG. Works reasonable with E.COLi (never tried it with Staph Aureus
    for reasons of confinement and regulations). Two problems though:
    a relatively large and variable fraction of the fusion protein gets cleaved
    and produces protein A (which you isolate on together with your fusion
    protein) and yout protein (which you lose). Secondly the yield is not
    really high (maybe Staph Aureus is better?).

Magyar  " About Ganciclovir "

   Buy it as the prescription drug CYMEVENE from any pharmacy or drugstore.
   This is pure sodium ganciclovir (546 mg per vial) equivalent
   to 500 mg free acid per vial.The drug is made by Syntex (not Sytex you
   said in your message).

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