restriction endonucleases and ss DNA or DNA/RNA hybrids

Dr. Richard Roberts at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory roberts at CSHL.ORG
Wed Aug 7 08:29:18 EST 1991

I sent a list fo references on this subject to the original questioner.  I can
make it available to anyone else interested.  Contrary to Bruce Roe`s
assertion there are conflicting "published" reports in this area and the
situation remains murky.  The problem with the heating experiment is that if
rates of ss DNA cleavage are slow, as they usually are, and/or the ss cleavage
activity is differentially sensitive to heat, the results become uninterpretable
Differential heat sensitivity could arise from one subunit of a dimer being
able to cleave ss DNA and the dimerization being heat sensitive.

	Overall it would be wise to be cautious until a truly definitive experiment is conceived and carried out.

Rich Roberts

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