help on broken LKB power pack

micprf at micprf at
Fri Aug 9 00:43:23 EST 1991

Greetings from Down Under,
I have an LKB-Pharmacia Power Pack for electrophoresis that is
misbehaving. It is Model 2197, bought in late 1988. It has begun to
blow fuses frequently - intermittently on a time scale of hours to days -
and has beensent off for repair. Problem is we dont have a circuit diagram and
the company will only provide one if we buy the complete service manual for a
couple of hundred dollars. Even then they can't supply it for 2 to 3 months
as they have to get it from Sweden or something. The people doing the repairs
are sniffing around doing their best but are finding it frustrating without
a circuit diagram. Anyone out there with any clues or suggestions as to
solving this problem quickly? I would not complain if the circuit diagram
were to somehow fall into my lap off the back of a truck either.
				Thanks Paul Fisher,
				Microbiology Dept.,
				La Trobe University,
				Bundoora 3083,
				Victoria, Australia.
				(micprf at
PS. If anyone from LKB-Pharmacia reads this you are especially invited to
consider the value of good customer service for your future business at least
with us.

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