Use of spermidine- how? why?

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Thu Aug 22 19:08:09 EST 1991

In article <5355 at beguine.UUCP> danielg at (Daniel Gene Sinclair) writes:

>I'm not sure of the concentration, but in our lab, we always looked at it
>metaphorically.  The enzyme is kinda shy and inhibited, but with a bunch
>of fellow proteins around, it goes right to work - just needs peer
>encouragement.  Probably, BSA will do the same thing, but don't take my
>word for it ;-).

Why spermidine and who thought of it in the first place? Seems like an
unnatural train of thought unless of course there exists a better reason than
the protein brotherhood feeling.

>Winter?  Blech!  Hello from overcast, but warm (actually, it's cooled down
>into the 70's this week, must be a cold front or something ;-) North
>Carolina.  Pretty soon (like in a month) we'll be hitting fall!

Greetings from the heartland. Upper 60's stuff here at the moment.

>Still donning shorts at work,



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