NIH Image and Framegrabber

Tue Dec 24 08:14:00 EST 1991

    We're interested in using NIH Image to analyze images of DNA gels
    (not autorads, wet gels; so a scanner is risky) and have access
    to a RasterOps 24XLTV framegrabber card to try acquiring images.
    The documentation with NIH Image says the program is compatible
    with two framegrabbers, neither of which is the RasterOps mentioned
    above. Does anyone know if this problem can be overcome by a
    non-computer-expert molecular biologist who just wants to analyze
    data? The alternative is to photograph the gels first and scan the
    photos; we are set up to do this (HP scanplus and Mac IIci) and it
    works, but we'd like to cut the extra step of photographing the gels
    if possible. Thanks 

    The easy solution to this problem is to use a program like Photoshop,
    Color Studio or Digital Darkroom to capture the image and save it as a
    pict or tiff file then read the file into Image. Some of the later
    versions have add support for other framegrabbers but according to my
    latest documentation RasterOps is not included.

    Hope this helps.

    Mike Esterman

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