Fluor. Seq. User List 12-22-91

Sun Dec 22 07:43:00 EST 1991

in%"21847CRS at IBM.CL.MSU.EDU"
in%"70274.1544 at CompuServe.COM"
in%"bakerk at frir.afrc.ac.uk"
in%"bchtantw at nusvm.nus.sg"
in%"Biogen10 at GEMINI.ldc.lu.se"
in%"bmychern at imb.as.tw"
in%"chapman at celvax.aukuni.ac.nz"
in%"chasse at FRCITI51.bitnet"
in%"cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu"
in%"Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca"
in%"cho at kitomo.ki.se"
in%"contrera at molebiol.rug.ac.be"
in%"coppel at WEHI.edu.au"
in%"dacoo at is1.vub.ac.be"
in%"dbaillie at trog.biol.sfu.ca"
in%"domi at genethon.genethon.fr"
in%"ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu"
in%"gessner at rhrk.uni-kl.de"
in%"hidew at simsc.bitnet"
in%"lombardi at cshl.org"
in%"lsimon at alnus.for.ulaval.ca"
in%"murphy at cytosine.phri.nyu.edu"
in%"mws at molly.sdsc.edu"
in%"netadm at dbnmeb1.bitnet"
in%"ortigao at rz.uni-ulm.dbp.de"
in%"ouellett at sfu.ca"
in%"Peter.Rice at EMBL-Heidelberg.de"
in%"peters at Mayo.EDU"
in%"rgonzales at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu"
in%"roos at operoni.helsinki.fi"
in%"Ron_Niece at gene.biotech.wisc.edu"
in%"rick at geneman.wustl.edu"
in%"saparici at mrc-crc.ac.uk"
in%"sheila at michem.med.umn.edu"
in%"tomk at ulrik.uio.no"
in%"toms at ncifcrf.gov"
in%"wilkerson at wfeb2.bitnet"
in%"ZIMMERMANN at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE"
in%"broe at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu"

in%"bionews at genbank.bio.net"
in%"methods at genbank.bio.net"

Sam Aparicio - ABI
  saparici at mrc-crc.ac.uk
  MRC Molecular Genetics Unit
  Cambridge, UK
  Others at the LMB four ABI, 1 ALF

Dave Baillie - ABI and ALF
  dbaillie at trog.biol.sfu.ca
  Inst. Mol. Biol. and Bioch.
  Simon Fraser University
  Burnaby, Canada V5A 1S6

Ken Baker - Dupont
  bakerk at frir.afrc.ac.uk
  Department of Protein Engineering
  A.F.R.C. Institute of Food Research
  Reading Laboratory
  Berks RG2 9AT
  Phone 0743 883103 ext 2157

John E. Blume - ABI
  70274.1544 at compuserve.com
  Department of Gene Regulation
  Roche Institute of Molecular Biology
  Phone: (201) 235-3421

Amanda Chapman - ABI 373A 
  chapman at celvax.aukuni.ac.nz.
  Cell Biology Dept. 
  Auckland University, 
  Private Bag,
  Auckland, New Zealand.

Jean Francois Chasse - ALF
  CHASSE at FRCITI51.bitnet
  URA1335, labo de biochimie genetique
  Hopital NECKER
  75743 PARIS cedex 15 - FRANCE
  FAX  :  (331) 42 73 06 59   france

Mike Cherry
  cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
  Department of Molecular Biology
  Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  phone: 617-726-5955

R. Contreras
  Lab Mol. Biol.
  Ledeganckstr. 35, B-9000
  Gent, Belgium

Ross Coppel - ABI
  Coppel at WEHI.edu.au
  Walter and Eliza hall Institute
  Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria, 3050, Australia.

Jeroen Coppieters and Nino Villaroel - ABI and ALF
  jecop at gengenp.rug.ac.be and nivil at gengenp.rug.ac.be
  Laboratory of Genetics
  University of Ghent

Caterina Dominique -  ABI and ALF
  domi at genethon.genethon.fr
  13 Place de Rungis 75013 Paris France

Matthias Gessner - contemplating purchase
  gessner at rhrk.uni-kl.de
  Univ. Kaiserslautern
  FB Biologie/LB Genetik
  D-6750 Kaiserslautern

Robert Gonzales - ABI 373
  rgonzales at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu
  The S. R. Noble Foundation, Plant Biology Division,
  P.O. Box 2180, Ardmore, OK 73402

Peter Hakenberg - ABI 373A
  e-mail to netadm at dbnmeb1.bitnet
Win Hide - ABI
  hidew at simsc.bitnet
  Lab of Molecular Systematics
  Smithsonian Institution
  DC 20560
  tel 301 238 3444

Christer Hoog
  Dept. of Molecular Genetics
  Karolinska Institutet,
  Box 60 400, 104 01 Stockholm, Sweden.
  Fax no. 46-8-313529

Jean-Claude Jauniaux
  Yeast genome project - ALF
  dacoo at is1.vub.ac.be

Tom Kristensen
  tomk at ulrik.uio.no
  Biotechnology Centre of Oslo
  University of Oslo

H.T. Lai (Mr. Wang, operator) - ABI
  bmychern at imb.as.tw
  Inst. of Biomed. Sci.
  Academia Scinica
  Taipei, R.O.C.

D.M. Lombardi - ABI, ALF
  lombardi at cshl.org
  Cold Spring Harbor Labs.

Ellen Murphy - interest, no instrument yet
  murphy at cytosine.phri.nyu.edu

Ron_Niece - ABI
  Ron_Niece at gene.biotech.wisc.edu
  University of Wisconson
  Madison, WI
    Williams, et al., FASEB J 2:3124, 1988;
    Niece, et al., in Methods in Protein Sequence Analysis,
      Joernvall, Hoeoeg and Gustavssone (eds.),
      Birkhauser Verlag, Bases, 1991, pp133-141.

J.F. Ramalho Ortigao, Ph.D.
  Universitat Ulm   
  Sektion Polymere  
  D-7900 Ulm, Germany   
  Tel. 0731/502-3165

Francis Ouellette
  ouellett at sfu.ca *or* francis at trog.biol.sfu.ca
  Dept of Biological Sciences
  Simon Fraser University
  Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5A 1S6

Ken Peters - ABI
  peters at Mayo.EDU
  Mayo Clinic,
  Rochester, Minnesota
Lars Paulin / Christophe Roos
  roos at operoni.helsinki.fi
  Institute of Biotechnology
  Univ. Helsinki

Ernie Retzel - ABI
  ernest at lenti.med.umn.edu
  Dept. of Microbiology
  Univ. of Minnesota
  1460 Mayo, UMHC 196
  420 Delaware St. S.E.
  Minneapolis, MN 55455-0312

Peter Rice, EMBL - prototype Pharmacia-LKB machines, and ALF
  Peter.Rice at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
  EARN/Bitnet: RICE at EMBL.bitnet
  Computer Group
  European Molecular Biology Laboratory
  Postfach 10-2209
  W-6900 Heidelberg
  Phone:   +49-6221-387247

Bruce Roe - ABI
  broe at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu
  Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  University of Oklahoma
  Norman, OK 73019
  (405) 325-4912
  (405) 325-6111 (fax)

Bo Servenius
  Biogen10 at GEMINI.ldc.lu.se
  Department of Medical Molecular Biology
  The Wallenberg laboratory
  University of Lund, P.O.Box 7031
  S-220 07 Lund, SWEDEN
  Telephone:    +46-46-10 43 25    +46-46-15 91 94
  Telefax:      +46-46-10 43 24

Tom Schneider - ABI 373A
  toms at ncifcrf.gov
  National Cancer Institute
  Laboratory of Mathematical Biology
  Frederick, Maryland  21702-1201

Luc Simon - ABI,ALF
  lsimon at alnus.for.ulaval.ca
  Centre de recherche en biologie forestiere
  Faculte de foresterie et geomatique
  4145 Abitibi-Price
  Universite Laval
  Sainte-Foy, G1K 7P4
  (418) 656-5496
  (418) 656-3551 fax

Michael W. Smith - ABI, Alf(demo)
  mws at molly.sdsc.edu
  Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  Molecular Genetics Laboratory
  P. O. Box  85800
  San Diego, CA   92138
  phone: (619)453-4100, ext 376
  fax:   (619)558-9513 

Chris Somerville - thinking about buying
  21847CRS at IBM.CL.MSU.EDU

Sheila St. Cyr - ABI
  sheila at michem.med.umn.edu
  Institute of Human Genetics
  Univ. of Minnesota
  UMHC 206
  420 Delaware St. S.E.
  Minneapolis, MN 55455

Chris Upton - ABI
  Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca
  Dept Biochemistry
  University of Alberta
  Edmonton, Alberta
  T6G 2H7

Tan Tin Wee - ABI
  bchtantw at nusvm.nus.sg
  bchtantw at nusvm.bitnet
  representing several including, Dr Maxey Chung
  Dept. of Biochemistry
  National University of Singapore (NUS)
  Lower Kent Ridge Road
  Singapore 0511
  Bioprocessing Technology Unit (BTU) of NUS
  Fax   : 7791453

Curtis Wilkerson
  wilkerson at wfeb2.bitnet
  Worcestor Foundation for Exp. Biology
  Shrewsbury MA
  508 842-8921

Rick Wilson - ABI 373As and ALF
  rick at geneman.wustl.edu
  Washington University
  St. Louis, MO

Juergen Zimmermann - ALF
  ZIMMERMANN at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
  EMBL, Dr. Ansorge s lab.
  Future adress will be ZIMMERMANN at EMBL.Heidelberg.DE

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