Wed Dec 18 15:59:53 EST 1991


I've lately been having a problem with my CsCl
gradients for RNA isolation.  At the end of the run, at
least half of the gradient tubes have a fairly large,
hard pellet at the bottom..... I assume that it's CsCl.

To test whether this was a result of improper sample
preparation, I ran several tubes both with and without
prepared tissue, all tubes with appropriate volumes of
GITC and CsCl.  Hard salt pellets were observed in both
tubes containing sample or not.

Although I always obtain reasonable quantity and
quality RNA from tubes containing the pellets, I doubt
that this is beneficial for overall recovery.  Does
anyone have any ideas as to the source of the salt
pellets, and how to alleviate them.  By the way, I'm
preparing GITC, CsCl and sample exactly as outlined in

Thanks,      John Morgan, Ph.D.
BioMed Dept.
Brown Univ.
BI599063 at brownvm.brown.edu

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