glycogen carrier for nucleic acid ppt

Bruce Roe broe at
Thu Dec 19 09:07:00 EST 1991

In article <1991Dec18.232950.6402 at>, ccy at po.CWRU.Edu (Cheung C. Yue) writes...
>I am interested in using glycogen as a carrier for nucleic acids
>ppt.  Tracy (Prep Biochem 11:251, '81) described purification of
>glycogen for such use.  Steps include micrococcal nuclease, proteinase
>K, then extensive phenol extraction.  Another paper I've seen 
>said they just took glycogen from Sigma, dissolved it in water and
>use.  Does anyone have any experience with this problem?  Are there
>problems with the second approach?
>ccy at

We've use the second approach and it works fine.  BTW a single tube
of the Sigma glycogen is enough to last for the next decade....
--broe at

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