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Thu Dec 19 01:28:25 EST 1991

In article <9112182059.AA19039 at genbank.bio.net> BI599063 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU writes:
/>I've lately been having a problem with my CsCl
/>gradients for RNA isolation.  At the end of the run, at
/>least half of the gradient tubes have a fairly large,
/>hard pellet at the bottom....I assume its CsCl

You may be running rour samples too cold and as a result may be
precipitating the CsCl.  CsCl gradients should be run between 
15 to 20C.  Any lower temp than this results in CsCl precipitation.

/>Thanks,      John Morgan, Ph.D.
/>BioMed Dept.
/>Brown Univ.
/>BI599063 at brownvm.brown.edu

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