Fluorescent Sequencer User List

Mon Dec 16 08:51:00 EST 1991

The following question was asked by ortigao at RZ.uni-ulm.dbp.de
=> Dear sequencers, 
=> I'am studying the possibility of and Service Agreement with ABI for our
=> Sequencer. Such an Service Contract will cost me DM 18,000/PA, and includes
=> all the costs including the Laser (DM 13,000). My opinion is that such an
=> agreement would be interesting if the Laser has to be replaced often.
=> My question, specially for the older users (my machine has just been 
=> installed), is how often have you had problems with the laser?
=> Thank you, Flavio
=> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
=> J.F. Ramalho Ortigao, Ph.D.
=> University of Ulm
=> Section of Polymers
=> D-7900 Ulm, Germany

I guess I qualify as an "older user"..............sigh
We have had our Laser replaced at least once/year.  Several other components
including the power supply and several boards also have been replaced on
average once every 2 years.  Even though it's lots of money up front, in
the long run the service contract *has* saved us money.  I recommend getting
it.  Maybe others can comment.........................bruce roe

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