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>> Hello,
>> Did anyone collect that discussion that went by here on bacterial 
>> electropration ? I thought I would need it for later, and now I do.
>> If you collected all or part of those posts, could you mail them to me ?
>> Thanks much,
>> Jim
>> J. Graham
>> Biology and Chemistry
>> Indiana University
This information seems to be needed by several people who are trying to find
old postings about particular subject areas.  This is a summary of the method
that David Kristofferson gave out on the general newsgroup awhile back.  I
don't know much computerese, but I use it all the time to get old postings and
catch up on what everyone else is talking about!
 Set up a batch file which looks like this:
//methods JOB Echo=YES,Reply-via=MAIL
Database search DD=mine
//mine DD *
Search bacterial electroporation in +methods
Send the batch file to IN%"LISTSERV at IRLEARN.BITNET" with no subject line.  You
will receive (probably the next day) a list of postings with numbers and a
small amount of information, like the titles on the postings.  You just pick
out the ones you want and repeat the above batch file, removing the line that
says "index" and replacing it with 
print 000001
print 000230
print 000500
or whatever.  The spacing and capital letters in the batch file are very
important.  I don't know how much you already know of this, so I hope it
doesn't sound like "elementary e-mail" to you.  I make the files on my EVE
editor and send them like any other e-mail.  In fact, I just have one file that
I alter and rename each time I want to look for something new, like anti-sense,
PCR, thermal cyclers, etc.  Just replace the words "bacterial electroporation"
with anything you want to look for.  Good luck!
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