Human Platelet Specific Molecules

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Wed Dec 11 13:46:51 EST 1991

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>Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1991 23:10:50 GMT
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>I am in the process of using RT-PCR to identify an Fc receptor isoform
>in human platelets. Due to the sensitivity of the PCR procedure leukocyte
>contamination of the platelet prep becomes an important element to be
>controlled for. My platelet leukocyte ratio is, on the average, 4000:1
>but peripheral leukocytes also express Fc receptor in much higher
>numbers than  platelets (100:1 in some cases).
>I want to identify a platelet specific glycoprotein that I could use as a 
>positive control for platelet RNA in an RT-PCR reaction. Initially, I thought 
>of GpIIIA but it's also expressed on peripheral blood monocytes. I now have 
>the Ib and IIb molecules in mind but would greatly apreciate any comments and

Have you consider the von Willebrand factor (VWF)? There are a lot
of people doing RT-PCR on this stuff (Bob Montgomery in Wisconsin
comes to mind), and I believe you won't find it in leukocytes.


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