tetracycline resistance

Wed Dec 11 14:09:35 EST 1991

Thanks to those who responded to my query about lacI^q.  I now have another
question relating to a different aspect of the same project:

What is the mechanism of the tetracyclcine resistance in pBR322?  Balbas &
Bolivar, Meth. Enz. _185_, 23 (1990), say it's exclusion of tetracycline due to
reduced permeability of the cell wall.  Ausubel et al, Curr. Protocols in Molec.
Biol., p1.4.2 (cited in Balbas and Bolivar), say it's active efflux of drug from
the cell.  While it may seem like a trivial difference, it might be important
in my experiment.  Are there two different tet-R genes?  If so, I need to know
about the one in pBR322.

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