Human Platelet Specific Molecules

George W Chacko gchacko at
Tue Dec 10 21:01:39 EST 1991

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Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1991 23:10:50 GMT
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I am in the process of using RT-PCR to identify an Fc receptor isoform
in human platelets. Due to the sensitivity of the PCR procedure leukocyte
contamination of the platelet prep becomes an important element to be
controlled for. My platelet leukocyte ratio is, on the average, 4000:1
but peripheral leukocytes also express Fc receptor in much higher
numbers than  platelets (100:1 in some cases).

I want to identify a platelet specific glycoprotein that I could use as a 
positive control for platelet RNA in an RT-PCR reaction. Initially, I thought 
of GpIIIA but it's also expressed on peripheral blood monocytes. I now have 
the Ib and IIb molecules in mind but would greatly apreciate any comments and



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