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In article <9112021506.AA23084 at>, buchberg at CALVIN.JCI.TJU.EDU (Dr. Art Buchberg) writes:
>I am not sure who to address this inquiry to but since computers are
>reagents I guess this newsgroup is just as good as any other.  
>I am interested in purchasing a macIIsi, but my question is which is the
>best color monitor (13'') that I can get  for the money (~$500-700 range).
>Is the apple clor monitor the best or is there a, amongst the third party
>vendors "the monitor" to get.  ALso along with the monitor does one need 
>a card for the computer.
>Thanks in advance for any and all advice
>Arthur Buchberg
>buchberg at

I don't know if this directly answers your question but..  We have a
MacIICi with the Apple 13inch color monitor and we have a 286 PC with
VGA.  There is in my mind no contest between the two.  The Mac monitor
just does not cut it.  Even for non-color applications the readability
is still not great on the Mac monitor.  My suggestion would be to
check out the third party monitors ie NEC multisync, which are
compatible with both types of systems.  There are no "slots" for
"cards" inside a Mac so you get what comes from the factory in terms
of video.  I don't know enough about the Mac video but they might have
a higher resolution available from the factory, which will require a
better monitor than the standard "high" resolution Apple monitor.

Good luck, Warren Wakarchuk 
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