loren at loren at
Wed Feb 20 01:19:34 EST 1991

Can anyone recommend a source of glass beads suitable for use in DNA 
purification?  I cannot locate the source cited in the article by B. 
Vogelstein.  A specific catalogue number would help if there are dozens of
related choices.  The Bio 101 GeneClean kits work so nicely, I can no
longer afford the habit.  If anyone has any experience using DEAE cellulose
paper, I would appreciate their comments. Schleicher and Schuell smallest
unit sale is enough to last several years, but they only guarantee a one year 
shelf life.   
                           Thank You,

Loren Joseph
Dept. of Pathology
University of Chicago
e-mail: ah,err, not quite sure but it is something like
   the University Computer is designated and I log on as 
'ljlj' but I connect to a miniVax at node where I
sign on as LOREN.  The minivax is also designated, at some level, as 
@uchimvs1.  From the miniVax I go back to the university newserver. 

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