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Wed Feb 20 12:57:23 EST 1991

>Can anyone recommend a source of glass beads suitable for use in DNA 
>purification?  I cannot locate the source cited in the article by B. 
>Vogelstein.  A specific catalogue number would help if there are dozens of
>related choices.  The Bio 101 GeneClean kits work so nicely, I can no
>longer afford the habit. 

>Loren Joseph
>Dept. of Pathology
>University of Chicago

Yes, I switched to making my own glass milk. Works great with DNA >500 bp
from TAE gels. I bought 2 kg of glass powder from a local pottery outfit,
probably enough for 500ml of glass milk.
I don't have the method on this machine but I'll try and post it in the 
next few days.
You can make a lot of friends supplying your dept.
Chris Upton
use     usercu11 at ualtamts for E-mail, the other address may not be in
service for a while.

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