Need a _Streptomyces_ plasmid

Robert H Woodman bwoodman at
Fri Feb 15 13:19:51 EST 1991

	Hello, fellow bionetters!  I have for a considerable period of time 
desired to have a particular kind of plasmid for use with the genus 
_Streptomyces_.  The plasmid I have in mind is an _E. coli_/_Streptomyces_ 
shuttle vector.  The plasmid should *not* contain the resistance gene for 
thiostrepton/nosiheptide.  The resistance gene I wish to see on the plasmid is 
a penicillin/ampicillin resistance (beta-lactamase) gene.  The gene should 
either be expressible in both _Streptomyces_ and _E. coli_ (as you may know, 
_E. coli_ can use some _Streptomyces_ promotors), or there should be two copies
of the gene -- one each for expression in the two different organisms.  Finally,
the plasmid should have a useful polylinker or at least several useful cloning 
	If anybody has such a plasmid (or even just a beta-lactamase expressible
in _Streptomyces_), and if you can share it, would you please let me know?  I'd
like to work with such a plasmid in _Streptomyces actuosus_, the nosiheptide 
producer.  (Note:  I'm not too lazy to invent such a plasmid if one doesn't
exist, but I thought that before I tackled such a project, I'd make sure that
I wasn't re-inventing the wheel.)

	Thanks for any help offered.
	Robert H. Woodman
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