Further info on Help needed with a plasmid

friedman at mbcl.rutgers.edu friedman at mbcl.rutgers.edu
Tue Jan 15 17:49:24 EST 1991

My original posting

>We recently received a plasmid for which we have no information.  The plasmid,
>we are interested in studying.  However, due to the lack of sequence info or a
>restriction map of this plasmid, we are kind of stuck.  There is no mention of
>this in any databank we have available.  Does anybody know anything about this

>Please e-mail to
>Friedman at mbcl.rutgers.edu

>Rich Friedman

I was didn't notice that after the pasting of the text into the news group, the
plasmid name was left off.  The plasmid is pW8. It is apparently a P-element
vector used for inserting DNA into the genome of Drosophila melanogaster.

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