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Don Gilbert gilbertd at cricket.bio.indiana.edu
Wed Jan 16 10:03:08 EST 1991

In article <247.27934eb5 at mbcl.rutgers.edu> friedman at mbcl.rutgers.edu writes:
>I was didn't notice that after the pasting of the text into the news group, the
>plasmid name was left off.  The plasmid is pW8. It is apparently a P-element
>vector used for inserting DNA into the genome of Drosophila melanogaster.

If this is any help, there is a PW8(something) mentioned in 
John Merriam's Drosophila clone list.  Here are the entries.
clonelist.txt:7D1,2        [PW8hsp-sev ch41]hsp,sev 3      0   Science243:931 
clonelist.txt:46E          [PW8hsp-sev ch21]hsp,sev 3      0   Science243:931
clonelist.txt:93B          [PW8hsp-sev ch50]hsp,sev 3      0   Science243:931

The first column is cytological map location, the next [PW8...] is gene name
the third ("3") is "transformed inserts", the fourth column ("0") is size in
kilobases, and the last is a reference.   

This clonelist is available via anonymous ftp from iubio.bio.indiana.edu, 
directory [archive.fly]
-- Don
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