Anyone done PCR directly from cells

David Adler dadler at
Tue Jan 8 18:04:58 EST 1991

	Raimo Pollanen writes;
	Has anyone made PCR from tissue or cell samples without 
	extracting DNA by phenol-chlorophorm precipitations

I have done a few PCR's on remnants of amniotic fluid
samples and it seemed to work fine.  Of course you want
to make sure cells are lysed - freezing and thawing
thru several cycles should work - this is in fact what
happened to amniotic fluid before I got it. I do not 
know how many cells but it was fractions of an original
1 ml of amniotic fluid, so not many.  I amplified
a repetitive target, maybe 1000 copies per cell, as well
as a single copy sequence.

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