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> A colleague of mine wants to try expression in baculovirus insect systems
> and has obtained the cell line.  She has heard from somebody that there
> is a baculovirus cloning kit commercially available to facilitate
> such work.  Does anybody know of a supplier?  Any information,
> addresses, fax numbers etc would be very much appreciated.                                                                                                 
> Tin Wee

Yes, there is a kit made by Invitrogen called the MaxBac Baculovirus expression
system.  They also have all sorts of intriguing goodies like Grace's insect
media and Sf9 & Sf21 insect cells, as well as Baculovirus high titer stock.  
The complete system is catalog #K822-03 and it costs $695.  Invitrogen
has a toll-free number:  1-800-955-6288.  I have never used it and don't know
anybody who has (or who has even done Baculovirus expression), but it sounds
great!  Let me know if she uses it and how it works. 
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