Hyb-Aid Cheap substitute

Alden Hackmann darkstar at milton.u.washington.edu
Thu Jul 18 13:30:12 EST 1991

kim at m44.unm.edu writes:

>Another episode of the "Frugal Molecular Biologist."

>There is a device called "Hyb-Aid", which rotates cylindrical cannisters which
>contain Southern or Western blots for hybridization.  It comes with or without
>an incubation oven.  The device itself is very expensive (>$1000), while the
>other components (Cannisters, clips, etc) don't cost a fortune.

This is very interesting - there is a thermal cycling machine (we can't say
PCR without a license) called the Hybaid, made (regretably) by a company
in England whose name escapes me.

darkstar at milton.u.washington.edu

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