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Wed Jul 31 17:04:19 EST 1991

We have been having problems using SfaN I.  We react the enzyme 
DNA we have amplified and are having problems visualizing the
cleaved products on an Acrylamide gel.  Basically we see nothing
in this lane while we can see the bands produced by all the other
enzymes we use.  The enzyme we use is from New England Biolabs
and they claim there is a DNA Binding protein in the enzyme and that
this is responsible for the problem.  We have tried using up to 
0.2% SDS added to the reaction mix just rpior to loading on the
gel.  Our question is has anyone used this enzyme and not had this problem
and if so can they pass on their secret as this problem is driving us
nuts and is the only enzyme with this particular cleavage site.

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