Ligation of PCR products

George W Chacko gchacko at
Fri Jul 19 07:59:21 EST 1991

In article <9107182217.AA23884 at> ST403161 at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Michael Newstein) writes:
>I have read that it is exceedingly difficult to blunt-end ligate products from
> PCR  (without cleaving first in internal restriction sites). I am attempting
>to clone the product of a PCR reaction into a blunt end cutter site (eg SMA 1)
>in pBluescript. Does anyone have suggestions?

You could try the TA cloning method. Invitrogen has a kit but it seems fairly
straighforward. There's a rapid communication in NAR 19:1154 by Marchuk,
Drumm,Saulino and Collins describing it.


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